Avex Air

Avex Information Products (Pty) Ltd supplies a broad spectrum of information critical to operational compliance with international aviation standards. In addition to distributing publications for a broad spectrum of aviation industry specialists, we edit and publish our own Avex Student Pilot Notes.

The roots of our divisions’ business lie in flight training which inspired Avex to develop our proprietary study notes for our students to help them qualify. Once qualified, we then wanted to make sure that our pilots were equipped with all the information critical to successfully conducting their duties as pilots – from in-cockpit requirements such as maps and flight guides (Jeppesen, NavBlue), to regulations outlining their responsibilities in an emergency, through to procedures when handling dangerous materials (ICAO, IATA). Furthermore, our group employs pilots as well as operates and maintains a fleet of charter aircraft – we use what we sell. This was a further motivator for forming alliances with international organisations and led to our forming an association with Aircraft Technical Publishers (ATP) in the USA and Janes Aerospace, Defence and Intelligence Solutions in the UK.

Aircraft Operators Consultancy (AOC) is a division of Avex Information Products and is the newest offering in our regulatory world. We identified a requirement in our own fleet for specialist document development and consulting and have since turned our learning curve into a service we know will be of valuable to many Aircraft Operators. The murky waters of regulation can sometimes swamp even the most efficiently run fleet. We believe that our team, spearheaded by Johan van Schalkwyk, has the right credentials and expertise to successfully navigate you through any unique operator-specific challenges you may face.

Avex Information Products is the appointed Southern African representative for: 

  • Aircraft Technical Publishers (ATP),
  • International Air Transport Association (IATA),
  • International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), 
  • Janes Aerospace, Defence and Security Intelligence Solutions,
  • Jeppesen Air Navigation and Charting Products
  • NavBlue Flight Guides


For over 30 years, ATP has provided accurate and reliable maintenance and regulatory library subscription services to the general aviation industry. With customers ranging from Civil Aviation Authorities and the Federal Aviation Administration to fixed based operators, repair stations and universities, ATP offers products that provide the flexibility in content, format and price to fit the needs of any size Aircraft maintenance operation.


Pilots trust Jeppesen for mission critical flight information, including charting and NavData, navigation software, training systems and pilot supplies. Jeppesen produces the IFR chart service and the Airway Manual and JeppView electronic chart service; it offers a variety of flight planning and moving map software systems for the PC (including Jeppesen NavData, JeppView electronic approach plates, graphical worldwide weather and more). Jeppesen offers complete training systems and caters for the student pilot, through CFI and CFI renewal programmes. It also supplies training materials for maintenance technicians. Its comprehensive line of pilot supplies, includes flight cases and bags, aviation calculators, plotters, and much more.


Jane's has been collecting and analysing defence, aerospace, security and transportation information for over a century and has a globally recognised reputation for independence and impartiality. It is completely independent of any organisation or government agency and provides objective analysis based on authoritative, factual open sourced information that is published in user friendly online reference databases. Focus of these databases range from technical specifications for defence platforms and equipment, defence industry and markets current developments and forecasts, security and country stability assessments to terrorism and insurgent events, profiles and alerts.

ICAO sets the standards for aviation safety, security, efficiency, regulation, and environmental protection. It publishes annexes and documents as well as audio-visual training aids for use by aviation authorities, airlines, maintenance organisations, civil engineers, legal bodies, and so forth, in both hardcopy and electronic format.


IATA, the trade association for the world’s airlines, represents around 83% of total air traffic globally. It supports many areas of aviation activity and helps to formulate industry policy on critical aviation issues. Typically the IATA publications are updated on an annual basis, and ownership of a current edition is a standard requirement for compliance. Avex Information Products notifies its customer database, once the new manuals are available for purchase.

More than 90% of international trade occurs by ship, therefore understanding key drivers behind emerging trade patterns, and bracing for directional shifts, are critical to manage global supply chains. It is for this reason that many businesses and governments in over 140 countries refer to IHS Markit’s Maritime & Trade to inform their decisions. IHS Markit integrates information, analytics and expertise to forge solutions for organisations navigating the current complex shipping and trading environment. Policy makers, traders, cargo owners, insurers, security experts and shippers use IHS intelligence to manage their global supply chains, derive competitive advantages, improve efficiency, identify new business opportunities, and secure the world’s oceans and borders from potential security risks.