Products & Services

The Avex Group is a vertically-integrated, multidisciplinary aviation group with divisions that specialise in offering key aviation-related products and services. The divisions across the group offer flight training; charter services; crop spraying; aerial surveying; as well as aircraft sales, management and maintenance. Avex is also the primary supplier of many supplementary aviation products and services pertaining to flight operations, maintenance, continuous airworthiness and flight training institutions. Its current divisions include Avex Air Transport, Avex Information Products, Avex Pilot Shop, Avex Tool Shop and Avex Corrosion & Tools. 

Avex Professional Tools

Avex Pilot Shop

Avex Air Transport

Avex Information Products

Head Office

Tel:    (+27 11) 974-4855
Fax:    (+27 11) 974-6736

Port Elizabeth

Tel:      (+27 41) 363 8222/8226/8263
Fax:    (+27 41) 363 8265


Cape Town

Tel:      (+27 0) 72 684 6983
            (+27 0) 21 981 0342