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About the AVEX Group

AVEX Group was founded in the early 1960's as a flight training organisation which laid the foundation to what is today the Avex Group. The 1980's saw the beginning of Avex's diversification and the formation of the Information Products division of the company. Through the distribution of information and technical standards, Avex now represents such diverse entities such as:

Navtech, Jane's / IHS, Jeppesen logos

In addition to this Avex edits and publishes its own pilot study notes comprehensively covering the Private Pilot License (PPL) to Airline Transport Pilots License (ATPL) and sets the benchmark standard in this industry.

Avex continued to diversify in the 1990's when the Tool division was founded, and has today become a leading distributor and OEM (original Equipment Manufacturer) of products which are sold and distributed to the Aerospace, Motor Manufacturing, Industrial and Mining sectors.

Leading brands which have become synonymous with these industries include:

Avex Maintenence Division

With over 47 years of experience, Avex has become a turn key vertically integrated service provider to the aviation industry in Southern Africa and the surrounding areas. Avex Air Transport (Pty) Ltd offers comprehensive solutions to the market requiring the skills and expertise to effectively manage, operate and crew aircraft vital to the economic growth on the African continent. Avex Air Technical (Pty) Ltd is a key player in the group, generating the highest standards in aircraft maintenance and technical solutions, ensuring the overall safety of all flight operations.

The Avex Group Head Office is located in Spartan (Kempton Park). Other branches/flying operations are conducted in Newton Park Port Elizabeth, Rand Airport Germiston, Lanseria International Airport Gauteng and OR Tambo International Airport.

Mission Statement:

To make a sustainable profit
(Sustainable: People, products and environment)


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